Durable lotus-effect


RIM after 20.000km with and without ACS

One Rim has been sealed with ACS, the other one not. Both has been running no the same car for 20.000 km.Without ACS, clear lacquer and aluminum are destroid and the brake dust can’t be removed without strong cleaner. The video on the right shows the durable nano-effect.

With ACS, the brake dust is not burned in and can be easily removed.


HEAT TRIAL: Left side with ACS, right side without

First of all: ACS resists effortless the temperature of 900°C. By processing in the tempering process up to 1500°C would be possible.

ACS enables a much faster heat dissipation, so that the carrier material withstands the heat much longer. There ist significantly less carbon leakage. The material resists much longer as without ACS.


Video: Left side with ACS, right side without.

Picture on the right: Wood with ACS on the left after fire up.

Die einzigartige molekulare Verbindung von ACS3000 mit der Oberfläche begründet die überlegene Haltbarkeit von mehr als 5 Jahren im Vergleich selbst zu Nanoprodukten oder hochwertigen Wachsen.


Old Plane refurbished with ACS

After ACS sealing the Planed looked nearly as a new one and ist now really easy to clean. Moreover the pilot told us, it is 8-12kn faster than before!


Old aluminum Gate easily refurbished with ACS

After ACS sealing the Gate Panels look nearly as a new although the gate appeared completely weathered before.

Sealing in 2 Steps:

1. Cleaning with isopropanol to degrease the surface
2. Apply ACS (manually, spray or dipping)

Lasts more than 5 years.


Easily remove graffiti

After ACS sealing the surface has a higher density than glass. Graffiti can be easily removed with pressure washer


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